Diamond Dance Academy

Where every Dancer shines with their own brilliance and Fire


About us…
The Diamond Dance Academy was established  by Sue White. Sue owned a successful competitive studio on the Seacoast for over 19 years and is excited to announce her new adventure. Over the years Sue has been an active part of the dance circuit and community. Her programs have expanded to offer something for everyone, from the recreational dancer to the professional. Sue grew up in New York and began dancing at the age of 5. She has studied in New York; Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maryland. While owning her own studio she continued to teach at local studios and outreach programs. Ms Whites dancers have appeared in Video Magazine and have been recognized in Dance Spirit Magazine as upcoming stars to watch out for. Sue was featured in Dance Teacher Magazine; received “NH Teacher of the Year” and was awarded “Dance Hero of the year” . Ms Whites choreography has won hundreds of awards and she has been recognized by the dance community for her special connection with her students. Sue was a choreographer and Instructor for Team USA in the World Championships in Los Angeles (accompanied by 9 of her students that were chosen to be part of the team as well). Sue has taken her students to New York; Massachusetts; Georgia; New Jersey and Los Angeles. She believes that dance is for anyone that wants to dance. At the Diamond Dance Academy every dancer is unique and shines with their own brilliance and fire….

The Diamond Dance Academy offers classes in Ballet; Pointe’; Tap; Jazz; Lyrical; Pre-dance; Creative Movement; Pre-Ballet; Urban Hip Hop; Video Jazz; Modern and more for the beginner through advanced dancer. Competition and Recreational programs available.
  • Our Faculty is committed to providing high quality training in a comfortable nurturing environment.
  • Our faculty is committed to providing a well-rounded dance education in a  modern equipped studio.
We sincerely hope you will consider us when looking for your next dance school.
Just a few reasons to join us at the Diamond Dance Academy:
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Highly qualified Instructors
  • Small class sizes
  • An encouraging positive environment
  • Age appropriate costumes & choreography
  • We believe that learning can be fun
We are a small studio with deep roots in the community...come grow with us.
To My past, present and future  dancers...
Thank you.
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 Performance TEAMS
 Competition TEAMS
the Diamond dance academy's classes are Recital classes. Each class performs two dances giving the students more opportunity to enoy the experience of performing on stage.
Our Performance Teams will perform in the community during the year.
Competition Teams are also available. Dancers will perform within the community and participate in Competition Season.


Sue White,
Artistic Director/Instructor/Choreographer
Sue has been a part of the dance world for over 30 years. Her studies have included Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary; Modern, Musical Theater, Hip Hop, Drama and Voice. Born and raised in New York, she began dancing at age 5 at the Marya Kennett Dance Center (formerly known as The Marya Kennett Ballet Theater) under Marya Kennett ( stretching coach for Evander Holyfield). Ms White moved to New Hampshire in 1986 where she continued dancing at The Studio of Dance Education and attended Northern Essex Community College majoring in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Dance. While at NECC Sue served as both Secretary and President of the Still Pointe Dance Company & Dance Club. After leaving the company in 1988, Ms White relocated to Maryland where she taught and studied dance at The Central Maryland School of Ballet and Beverley's School of Dance. Upon her arrival back to the New England area she attended Dance Concepts and The Jeanette Neil Dance Studio of Boston. In May of 1992, Ms. White opened Foot Notes Studio of Dance in Raymond New Hampshire. In July of 2001, Sue moved the studio to Exeter. In the Spring of 2014 Ms White opened the Diamond Dance Academy and is excited to watch her new adventure grow.
Sue is no stranger to competition. As a multiple 1st place; overall; Gold and Platinum Medal recipient herself, she feels competition is a great way to educate and motivate the dancers. She has received numerous awards for her choreography and was named "New Hampshire Teacher of the Year 2001" and "Dance Hero of the Year" in 2006. A special award given to honor an amazing student, teacher, guest artist, or dance lover for the amazing love, hard work, & sacrifices that go into making dance possible for everyone. Sue's dancers have been featured in Video Magazine, NH Thunderloons half-time show, Boston's Nutcracker, the World Championships of the Performing Arts in Los Angeles California (where Sue was a choreographer and coach for team USA) as well as numerous National events. Her dancers have been featured in Dance Spirit Magazine as upcoming stars to watch out for and Ms White herself was featured in Dance Teacher Magazine in 2008. Sue continues to participate in community outreach programs today. Sue was part of the dance faculty for Dance Concepts  and was an instructor for Hampstead Dance Academy for over 6 years. Sue’s dancers have gone on to major in Dance and dance for the metropolitan Opera House. They have participated in the Miss New Hampshire Pageant; Modeled internationally and many continue to teach all over the country today sharing their love of dance. Sue is not only proud of her students for the dancers they’ve become … she is more proud of the people they have grown into and the pleasure of being part of their journey.
Meet Sue White of the Diamond Dance Academy - Boston Voyager Magazine Interview
Our Story...
in 1992 I started one of the most fantastic adventures of my life...little did I know that at the time. For over 19 years I had the pleasure of working with and along some of the most amazing kids and dance educators. We became a family, made lasting friendships and experienced some incredible times together. My students and Instructors helped me through some tough times in my life...and so I say thank you to all of them.
We traveled to New York City; Georgia; Massachusetts; Maine; New Jersey and  Los Angeles. Together we won thousands of awards and shared a million laughs. We have appeared in Video Magazine; Dance Spirit Magazine and Dance Teacher Magazine.
Eventually, the tough times got rougher and I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life...close the studio I had given birth to all those years before. I fought long and hard...as I had made a commitment to my dancers and  I didn’t want to let them down. Unfortunately there was no other answer...it was over.
Just a couple years later I have stepped up to the diamond plate one more time and I welcome you to my new dream...my new vision. We are a small studio that is already becoming a great part of the community. We have not only started performing locally but also donating our time to local non-profit groups to share our love of dance. Our Dancers being reconized for their professionalism; integrity and character. I look forward to another wonderful journey with DDA.

I have always tried to remind my dancers that we are all unique...we are all individuals...and we all deserve to shine.Thank you for your time and welcome to our family.
Love, Miss Sue
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It's been a long time since our girls were dancing with Miss Sue. My girls started with Sue, and she made such an influence on them that they still dance to this day, 7 years later.
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Today was the 1st recital, so very impressed with all the dancers and how smooth everything went. Looking forward to watching this studio grow and my daughter grow as a dancer. All their hard work showed and payed off.
Kelley Hansonso allow you to edit the text within this text box.
 Our daughters just started with Diamond Dance Academy and we love Miss Sue so much. She is a part of our Family now. Can't wait to see how my girls grow with her. Thank you Miss Sue for loving our girls the way you do. You truly are a beautiful person inside and out. Love the West Family
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