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Directions to the
Derry Opera House

Take Interstate 93 to Exit 4, Derry, NH. Head east on Route 102 (Broadway) to the center of Derry. The Opera House is in a red brick building, on the left side of the street, just after coming up the hill. It is on the corner of Maple Street, directly opposite The Halligan Tavern.
Parking Information – The only parking provided on the grounds of the Opera House is three handicap-only spaces. These are accessed from Maple Street, at the rear of the building, across from the Veterans Memorial Hall. There is ample public parking in the vicinity of the Opera House, as listed below:
On-street parking along Broadway and Maple Street.
Municipal parking lot on Abbot Court (look for the big “P” parking sign), one block east of the Opera House along Broadway.
Municipal parking lot on Wall Street.
Municipal parking lot behind and adjacent to the Derry Municipal Center on Manning Street, two blocks east of the Opera House along Broadway (after business hours)
Derry District Court parking lot on Manning Street (after business hours)
Benson’s Hardware and Lumber (two lots, after business hours)
Parking Advisory – You should avoid parking on the properties immediately adjacent to the Opera House, to the rear of the building and to the east side of the building. The owners of these properties have standing arrangements with towing companies to tow non-tenant vehicles from their property.
Handicap Access Information – The Opera House is handicap accessible. Reserved handicap parking spaces are located at the northwest corner of the building, just off Maple Street. The handicap ramp entrance to the building is on the east side. Follow the sidewalk from the handicap parking area, around the rear of the building to the east side. An automatic door opener is provided, and this entrance gives direct access to the elevator, serving all levels of the building.

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