Diamond Dance Academy

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Thank you for sponsoring our SPring Performance 

Diamond Dance Academy
25 Spaulding Road Suite 14-2
Fremont, NH 03044


Dear Business Owner,

As you know, owning a small business can be quite a challenge but the rewards are endless. We are a small studio Located in Fremont, New Hampshire.  I am reaching out to local businesses to get to know everyone, in hopes of creating some channels for us to become more involved with the community. I believe in teaching kids more than just dance...I believe in teaching them to be part of their community and to give back when they can.  After all they are our future. We participate in local parades, The Exeter Tree Festival (to support the children’s chamber fund), the Big Brother Big Sister Program and other local events to raise money for good causes.

Our Spring Performance is coming soon, and we are looking for Supporters and Sponsors to help with the expenses. We are asking for donations of $300 in exchange for an Ad in our Recital program, your business will be featured in a slideshow during the performance, your business will be listed on the studio website with a direct link to your website, we will announce you as a supporter of the studio at local performances and we will also display your business in our studio. Last year we began our first Performance Teams and since then the kids have danced at Malls, twice at the Monarchs and at several local Fairs.  The $300 covers everything for a year! Sign up right on our website, click the link on our homepage. Pay by our PayPal link or we would be happy to swing by and pick it up for you.

We know that not all businesses have the budget to make such a generous donation so this year we are offering a chance to be listed in the program for $50.

Thank you for your time and support. I look forward to hearing from you.

Miss Sue
Diamond Dance Academy
Click Here to pay with Paypal - thank you!
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