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Theatre Etiquette Rules

Most Theatres have their own set of theatre etiquette guidelines. The objective is to allow everyone to have a wonderful time at a live performance. Theatre etiquette is important to maintain order and allow the show to proceed on time with no interruptions or disturbances.
When attending a show on Broadway or any other theatre you should follow these theatre etiquette rules:

Have your tickets ready and make sure you stand in the right line, line for ticket holders and the line for purchasing tickets

Do not cut the line

Be punctual, arrive in advance

If you arrive late you might be expected to wait for an intermission or a time the theatre attendant will allow you to go to your seat

Do not wear a hat or big hair accessories as to not block the view of the people sitting behind

If you bring a child to a show they should not sit on your lap but in their own seat

Children should not be left unattended 

They should understand that talking is not allowed and any noise is not allowed

Feet should be on the floor not on the seat or the back of the seat in front of you

If kids start to cry or talk or are bored and disturb others they should be taken out for a break in the lobby area, do not wait for a scene before stepping out to the lobby

Apologize when you get up in the middle of the show

Your phone should be on silent or off

No talking, singing or humming during the show

Applause please, no yelling names out. This is not a sporting event.

No getting up in the middle of the show

Go to the washroom in intermission or before the show starts

No eating or chewing loudly during the show

Sit in your seat properly not leaning to the right or left as not to disturb the person behind you

Sit in your assigned sit so not to have to move and disturb the performers and audience in the event the original ticket holders of these seats show up and you are in their seat and have to move to find your own seat (and disturb a little more)

No flash should be used during the show most theatres do not allow pictures. It is Dangerous for the Performers.

If you must get up or need to go to the washroom excuse yourself to people you are disturbing
Always be polite and courteous, “excuse me” and “thank you” goes a long way

If you are looking for something in your purse like keys, lipstick, cell phone wait for the end of the show

Do not leave before the show is over to beat the crowd and traffic

Dancers must wear something covering their Costumes when in the Audience.

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